Based in the Pacific Northwest, The Arts & Crafts Press was founded in 1996 by Bruce Smith and Yoshiko Yamamoto. We specialize in crafting letterpress printed note cards and limited-edition block prints. We work with the belief that art is not an object, it is a way of life. We strive to create things of beauty by using our head, our heart, and our hands. 


A Defense of Letter Writing, Notecards, and Snail Mail

September 15, 2016

I recently came across a TED Talk by Lkshmi Pratury on the lost art of letter writing. She speaks of the connection she was able... Continue Reading

Iron Hand Press Restoration Day One

September 07, 2016

  Today marks the beginning steps of restoration on our 20th Century Reliance Iron Hand Press. Those of you who have visited the shop may... Continue Reading